About Kara


Kara Gant gains her mastery of movement from twenty plus years of teaching dance, motion and Pilates. Her impressive knowledge of body mechanics has evolved over the years to incorporate Pilates as the primary cornerstone of her training methods.

After successfully recovering from a devastating injury, Kara decided to embark upon a career that could help others to overcome their own injuries as she did. Kara now enjoys teaching her clients how to surpass their limitations and strengthen their own physical capabilities using Polestar Pilates. She chose to become a Polestar Pilates graduate specifically because of the Polestar philosophy embracing post-rehabilitative methods that were most in-line with Kara's beliefs on injury prevention and recovery.

The belief that Pilates should help a person develop stronger everyday functional movement is core to Kara's teaching philosophy. It should be portable and translate to all aspects of a person's life. It is Kara's belief that Pilates can help anyone, from the elite athlete to those less physically active, better understand and strengthen his physical capabilities. This is why she takes such great care to customize her training methods to suit each individual. And, this is also why you always begin your introduction to Pilates at her studio with a comprehensive evaluation.

When Kara is not helping her clients in her studio, she is an active hiker and enjoys spending time with her husband, her son, parrot and dogs.


About Pilates


Simply put, Pilates is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates, an exercise guru of the 1920’s.  Pilates exercise emphasizes developing a balanced body through the cultivation of core strength, flexibility and awareness of your own body.  One of the best advantages of Pilates is that it can be tailored to suit a wide range of people.  It is ideal for any body type, any age, or any athletic ability.  A senior citizen or a less physically active individual can reap as many benefits from a Pilates session as can an elite athlete or a young dancer.  The most common benefits people achieve from Pilates are strength, flexibility, poise and grace in their everyday movements.

Pilates involves exercises that incorporate some or all of six core principles.  Centering involves learning how to focus your energy on the “center” or “powerhouse” of your body.  Concentration on the movement and task at hand increases your ability to gain the maximum benefit of each Pilates exercise.  Controlling even the most minute of body movements will also lead to greater success at strengthening your overall physical well being.  Developing precision and efficiency of each movement and learning how to control your breathing in mobility are also core elements to Pilates exercises.

All of this culminates in the ability to create a flow to your motion, thereby creating a sense of grace, poise and strength in your everyday movement.  Climbing stairs or sitting for long hours at a time in front of a computer or activities that were once harder to do on a regular basis, should become easier to do as you begin to understand the mechanics of how your body works and what you need to do to gain this fluidity in your everyday life.  This is the basis of Pilates.


About Rising Sun Pilates Studio


Upon your arrival at Rising Sun Pilates Studio, you will enter a peaceful atmosphere.   Here you can begin to relax and unwind and prepare yourself for your Pilates session.  You can drink a glass of water and read a magazine or you can gather your thoughts and focus your energy on the session you are about to begin.

Once inside the studio, you will find that we carry only the most highly rated commercial grade Pilates equipment on the market today.  We use a combination of Reformer, Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel, Ped-o-pull and Spine Corrector, among many others tools, in our sessions.  All of these are utilized to help a person achieve their maximum flexibility and strength, as well as correcting body alignment.

All of our equipment used at the studio is kept meticulously clean, well maintained and adjusted to meet the needs of each individual.  Safety is of the utmost importance so all equipment is only used under careful guidance and supervision of our instructors.  Rising Sun Pilates strives to provide you with a very clean, calm and relaxing atmosphere where you can focus on and enjoy your session.


About the Classes


Variety is the spice of life and we see no reason why Pilates should be any different.  This is why we offer several types of sessions to suit your preferences.

Private Pilates Sessions:  When you want or need individual attention and enjoy using Pilates equipment, we offer the individual session.  These sessions allow you and Kara to hone in on your specific goals while using equipment created specifically to get the best out of your Pilates exercises.

Duo Pilates Sessions:  These sessions are a good choice for the value minded who still want customized classes and individualized attention using Pilates equipment. Have fun alongside your friend or partner and allow Kara to focus on both your needs. 

Circuit Classes:  For those who have met the prerequisite of 10 private or duo sessions, giving them the ability to work more independently, we offer circuit sessions with a small group.   These sessions involve rotating through 4 stations of equipment and mat exercises tailored to the needs of the individual.

Mat Classes:  When you enjoy the social aspect of a group exercise class, workout with a small group and focus on very portable mat exercises.